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How a store can return more and increase value added for store, customer and staff.

Research on how to increase return and enhance other value added in stores has produced 2 products. All Stores have some things in common. They mostly have the same customers and customers make most purchase decisions in the store. A convenient tool harmonizing or aligning the goals of owners, management, and store supporting the customer. Further it is possible to streamline todays store with automated payment processes that make it possible to convenience the store visit and reduce store space.

Increased return, worker wellbeing, attention, reduced food waste and reduced advertisement costs at a drastically reduced normal electricity usage with the store sales tool (Pat.). Increased convenience shorter queues, space savings, faster paying and increased return with the Bagholder product. Increased direct return in 100 stores (smaller stores) with the store sales tool can be € 5,2 million per year and €3,6 million per year with the Bagholder (Pat.).

The Store sales tool, patented and produced by Strategies, creates a service, worker wellbeing, reduces food waste and advertisement costs and increases attention at a drastically reduced normal electricity usage. As 90 % of customers have 1 favourite store most value added is created when harmonizing or aligning the goals of owners, management, and store supporting the customer. 90 % of customers wants are observable from 1 print from the purchase system. The personnel can be involved in a nice and motivating way. Attention, more sales and savings by directing sales. View an example from a M-market: YouTube link to the example, press. and another example here: YouTube link to the example, press. Measured daily from the store sales system and registry in an urban K store average return increase compared to the week before over a period of 1,5 years has been over +70% for products in question. The cost is about 7% of the return and 3 years of tool usage cost is equivalent to a 1-day newspaper add. It is designed for mass production, deliverable to the door, easy to use and with patent. What matters when thinking of the return for the Store Tool? Watch the Youtube clip with a short presentation viewing the return in light of external research findings: YouTube link to the example, press. The Bagholder product provides a pic, bag and go function working with automated payment solutions. The queueing or payment function becomes 6 times faster which shortens queues, saves space and increases convenience. This may also bring more customers down the line. A metaphor is the decision to drive on the left or the right-hand side. In addition, return can be enhanced through offering ecological bags. By guiding and providing new, almost classifiable as eatable, dual function eco bags one provides a bag for shopping and a bag for the trash which is the effective and ecological choice. Strategies Bagholder product is mass produced by the same manufacturer that makes Fiskars products plastic parts. A very durable and high-quality product deliverable globally. The manufacturer is ISO certified as well with quality and environment certificates ISO 9001:2008 and14001:2004. The Bagholder product is patented.

View an example from a cart Bagholder usable with hand scanning, mobile scanning, RFID, facial ID recognition: YouTube link to the example, press. guiding the customer to scan, bag and go in one way, with one type of bag. One can advocate the most ecological bag at the same time.

With the Bagholder or otherwise, for example, we offer these that can be used.

Sturdier Biobags, single use and reusable ones from the same material individually customizable.

"The best store bag in the world". Durable multiple time use store bag and rubbish bag for mixed and food trash as it industrially- and home composts in low temperatures, incinerates, recycles, and binds organic carbon in a landfill until it finally degrades as opposed to not degrading like fossil or mixed products. As such it exceeds other products currently in this market. Plastic or paper bags cannot reach the same level which makes our bag one of the most sustainable with the smallest footprint. A product is more sustainable only when it has an at least equivalent function as the products it is replacing.

Exceptionally durable good for multiple use before use as a garbage bag, fully home and industrially compostable and individually customizable bag. Click on link to video showing the bags durability:

Durability of bag, press.

The same bag version with 12kg consisting of 4kg of milk cartons etc. and an 8kg weight.

Durability of bag, press.

More details and an overview of Strategies products.

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The Biobags offer an ecological and sustainable proposition. A straight flush with Shopping biobags + Reusable small and large biobags. Certified for home and industrial composting. (NatureWorks resin.)

A product is more sustainable only when it has an at least equivalent function as the products it is replacing. In this instance its function exceeds the product it is replacing. Referring to our PLA bag.

Offering and using 1 bag suiting all use cases is the best solution for the environment. Here are the factors that affect sustainability and ecology:

- Multiple-time usability due to strength (a plastic bag usually takes 12 kg, quoting research.) This corresponds to the durability of our bag, for example. You can view the previously published film clips above.


- All end-of life options (EOLs) are available which is not the case with a plastic bag.

- The annual regeneration and carbon sequestration capacity of this material are unparalleled, unlike plastic, which releases more new carbon into the climate, or wood, which regenerates slowly.

- Finally, the LDPEavg (the plastic bag in the research), biopolymer (Industrially compostable bio bag) or paper bag in the *Danish research does not offer the same wide possibilities of use as our PLA bag, since it is strong and usable many times, but retains all the end-of life options that are not open to the other mentioned bags. In addition to this, of course, it has a low footprint value.

*The Danish Environmental Protection Agency / LCA of grocery carrier bags

To achieve the lowest LCA figure and GHG reduction these products compost in low temperatures from 20ºC and up. Recycling products comingled with food is rather unsuccessful and they end up as landfill or industrial composting or other composting. Food related and store bags fill this criterion making the store bag certified as Home Compostable the most environmentally friendly with favourable LCA figure and reduction of GHG. As the Home compostable bag is perfectly suited and should be used as a trash bag as well it reduces the LCA figure even further and reduces the GHG emissions as 2 bags become one. This would imply an even bigger reduction of the 65% GHG emissions savings mentioned in the EU commission report: Environmental impact assessments of innovative bio-based products –Summary of methodology and conclusions. “With intended end-of-life, the bio-based products could offer more than 65% GHG emissions savings, instead of 14% with the EU mix, EU commission report.” According to the Finnish Ministry of the Environment:” Below 30% of plastic waste in the EU is collected for recycling, 31% ends up as landfill and 39% is burned. Recycling the store bag is not the optimal option to achieve the smallest footprint rather the use of the same bag as a garbage bag as well. Therefore, our bag is better suited to be used as a store bag.

In the situation depicted and in our environment the Home Compostable product presents itself as the best and better than an industrially compostable variant.

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